Pre-Set Up:
  • Confirm that the "list ports" button outputs your serial ports: here. If it doesn't go through the instructions again.
  • Confirm that the serial port is running on your arduino (open serial monitor in the Arduino software)
  • Some sample code for a sensor on pin 0 in the Arduino
    void setup(){
    void loop(){
      int input = analogRead(0);
      Serial.print(input, BYTE);
    Try this on one of the examples: here
    Do your own
  • create a folder with the JSSerial.jar and jsserial-applet.jnlp along with your own HTML/JavaScript file.
  • edit the jsserial-applet.jnlp to put in your own "href" and "codebase" values depending on where you put your files.
  • See this for a barebones sample. If it runs correctly when you press the button, the serial monitor values will run on your screen.
    Please note: if you have more than one javascript serial page open it will confuse the sytem, ONLY ONE PAGE OPEN AT A TIME.