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Come see mGen in action at NYU's ITP Winter Show 2002.

What is it?
mGen is a music composition machine that reacts to listener preference in the generation of compositions.

How do you use it?
Users interact with mGen by holding down the mouse button to listen to a composition. When the mouse button is released, play is stopped and the next composition in the set is cued. Each composition is rated based on the length of time a user spends listening. Once each composition in the set has been rated, a new set is generated, influenced by the ratings of the previous set.

How does it work?
This application employs generative concepts to create musical compositions. Random notes, durations and sequences are used to generate an initial set of machines. The generation of subsequent sets of machines relies upon algorithms that simulate the Darwinian principal of survival of the fittest, utilizing mutation and sexual reproduction. Users through the process of listening play the role of environment, determining relative machine fitness.

For more information about mGen, email Shawn Van Every at vanevery@walking-productions.com

mGen composition samples:
Late Night mGen 1
Late Night mGen 2
Late Night mGen 3
Late Night mGen 4
Late Night mGen 5
Late Night mGen 6
Late Night mGen 7